Testimonial from Sven Berger

by | Sep 22, 2016 | Testimonials

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Dear Augusto,

I am pleased with the performance of you and your team, Carmen, Eugenia, and Dahiana. Regrettably, the bureaucrats of Costa Rica needed 18 months to decide that I was eligible for permanent residence as Rentista in CR. This was not your fault and nothing can be done about it. After the state’s decision was reached, you were able to get appointments with the Caja, the state health insurance, and Immigration in an extremely short time. I was aware that to get an appointment with the Caja takes normally thirty days. You did it in two days.

The two meetings which I had with the state officials led to the participation in the mandatory health insurance and me receiving a Cedula which allows permanent residency in Costa Rica.

You and your team believe in most complete services which include even to be picked up and brought back to my hotel. This is unheard of in the USA or in Europe. The friendliness of all of you to me as a rather serious Nordic type was heartwarming.

With best regards,

Sven Berger