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GLC Abogados offers a Permanent Costa Rica Labor Law Advice Program which understands that harmony and relation with the company’s collaborators are crucial for the growth of any business.

Why Should I follow a Costa Rica Labor Law Advice Program?

Nowadays, nobody denies the importance of human resources for the development and growth of any company. With this in mind, it is fundamental that businessmen or entrepreneurs can picture, in the right way, everything that is related to the company’s labor rights and obligations to its employees.

That is why the Costa Rica Labor Law Specialization has become an essential part to be able to provide real labor law advice that protects the interests of a business since it is a creator of wealth and job opportunities.

At GLC Abogados, our labor law attorneys take this practice seriously, and our Permanent Costa Rica Labor Law Advice Program accompanies and advises the businessman on how to legally and effectively reduce the risks that may compromise your company.

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Visualizing in the right way the importance of respecting Costa Rican labor rights and obligations is vital to reach the economic goals and reduce the risks for your company.

Who benefits from a Costa Rica Labor Law Advice Program?

Anyone from small entrepreneurs that want to do things right since the beginning, to medium-sized businesses which are growing until corporations with hundreds of collaborators, our legal team has the knowledge and experience in Costa Rica Labor Law to design a customized plan for the needs of your company.

Main Costa Rica Labor Law Counseling Services that We Offer:

  • Labor Risk Analysis
  • Training and Seminars for Businesses
  • Labor Contract Implementation
  • Creation of Internal Work Policies and Regulations (such as Sexual Harassment, Occupational Health Policies, Internal Disciplinary Policies, and Sanctioning Regimes)
  • Occupational Health Training (for workshop personnel, plant staff, etc)
  • Disciplinary Process Handling


If you have any labor questions, doubts, or require Costa Rica labor law counseling, contact our specialized law firm and we will be glad to analyze your company’s labor needs.

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