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Costa Rica Business Permits and Requirements

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Costa Rica Business Permits and Requirements

There is a series of business permits and requirements that must be met in order to create a company in Costa Rica. Besides, if you do not have all the administrative permits, your company or business would not meet all the legal requirements to operate in Costa Rica.

Part of the responsibility of a business manager or owner is to fulfill to the last detail all the necessary operating permits for the good company’s performance.


Corporate Advice Division

GLC Abogados through its Corporate Advice Division understood since its inception that we had to create a robust law practice which facilitates the fundamental tasks of businesses and invested an important part of its experience to process all the pertinent operating permits required by Costa Rica administrative authorities.

We have years of experience dealing with a variety of city halls all over the country, Ministerio de Salud, Tributación Directa, Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social, Instituto Nacional de Seguros, just to mention some of the main institutions that issue the required permits to start a business in Costa Rica.

costa rica business operating requirements

With our assistance and experience, you will not waste time by figuring out where to start with before running a business because we do know the system, hence this ensures an effective business opening.

Some of the Services that We Help our Clients with:

  • Analysis of Administrative Risk
  • Request for Land Use Permit
  • Registration as Employer at CCSS
  • Labor Risk Insurance from INS
  • Health Permits from Ministerio de Salud
  • Construction Permits from City Halls and CFIA
  • Business Licence
  • Registration as Taxpayer

Let us analyze your needs and status of your business permits in Costa Rica, contact our legal team today!

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