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Regarding Costa Rica real estate, the country presents opportunities which are only available in developing countries with a stable legal and business environment comparable to the developed nations. A centralized national registry allows users to access online title information of the properties available to buy or invest. 

Real Estate attorneys are experienced in interpreting the public information and protecting the interests of both local and international clients. As a developing nation, Costa Rica requires both foreign and local investment to maintain its healthy economy growing. There are multiple options to rent houses, apartments, condos or buildings, lots for sales, commercial shops, or to buy houses in Costa Rica.And as a facilitator of real estate transactions, our attorneys are highly experienced as notaries to conduct professional closings by developing structures which are innovative yet adjusted to the Costa Rican real estate laws.

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In today’s globalized economy, legal systems should adjust to the ever-changing business environment; real estate development normally defines the status of the economy. At GLC Abogados® our attorneys take an active role in protecting the interests of our clients and will provide their legal expertise to ensure that the real estate transaction will be a “win-win” situation for all parties involved.

If the closing is done professionally Costa Rica wins, that is the only road towards development. Our legal team is not only trained in a prestigious law school but also in some of the most recognized international business schools in the world, that combination brings a different scope to the transaction which could not have existed if the professional in charge doesn’t talk business.

From purchasing a second home, developing, lands for real estate developments or commercial property, building a hotel in Costa Rica, or using real estate as a guarantee for a loan we will protect your interests every step of the way.

A simple step by step procedure to purchasing real estate in Costa Rica:

  • Step 1: Title Search and Due Diligence
  • Step 2: Creation of the Legal Structure
  • Step 3: Signature of the Purchase Agreement
  • Step 4: Closing and Registration
  • Ongoing: Yearly Property Taxes
  • Continuamente: Impuestos de la propiedad (anuales).

We trust our legal system and our attorneys in charge based on years of practice and a solid reputation the local real estate market is evolving and our team is strong and passionate about our client’s needs.

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