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A growing economy presents many lucrative opportunities for the local and foreign investor.

Due to the lack of flexibility of the national bank system, there is still an important market for private lending in Costa Rica. A lot of trustful businessmen tend to collect “bridging capital” as a way to start up lucrative residential or production projects.

Legal Advice on Private Equity Protection

With the advice and counseling of our legal team that is specialized in the private equity protection, you can place considerable sums of money to produce active assets with the peace of mind that you are legally covered.

Either through a mortgage or a guaranty trust, we advise private investors who seek to increase their assets and, at the same time, to collaborate with entrepreneurs who have verified capability.

Our Corporate Division has consolidated this practice and has allies that bring business opportunities to our clients.

costa rica private lending

The Costa Rica Private Lending Services We Focus on Are

  • Borrower Screening
  • Due Diligence on Property
  • Appraisal with Trustful Specialists
  • Registration of a Mortgage or Trustee Guarantee
  • Creation of a Trust


Get in touch with our specialized business legal team and we will be happy to assist you regarding private lending counseling.

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