Litigation in costa rica

Litigation and Arbitration in Costa Rica


Litigation and Arbitration in Costa Rica

Guided by a clear scope of today’s most common types of disputes, our legal team is versatile in dispute resolution and litigation procedures in Costa Rica.

GLC Abogados® has a very simple but clear mission, to protect the legal & business interests of our clients. To achieve that, our attorneys create preventive legal structures and go in-depth to protect the interests of our clients; however, we also understand that sometimes litigation becomes the necessary course of action.

But first, what is litigation?

Litigation is a dispute resolution process in the court system.

Types of litigation

There are different types of litigation depending on the nature of the dispute. Some are civil, criminal, or family litigation.

Civil litigation is usually about money, while Criminal litigation is about punishment for violating laws. Family litigation is a type of legal dispute involving family members. It may involve divorce, child custody, child support, or other family law matters. The goal of family litigation focuses on resolving the dispute in a manner that is fair and equitable to all parties involved.

Conflict Resolution litigation costa rica

Currently and parallel to today’s global business trends, alternative dispute resolution has gained considerable popularity due to its many advantages. If this route can be used based on contractual stipulations, we will put our experience to your service at the different Conciliation, Litigation, and Arbitration chambers available in Costa Rica.

Our team of attorneys is specialized in a wide array of legal areas such as civil law, commercial law, labor law, administrative law, family law, constitutional and criminal procedures.

We have an energetic combination of attorneys with different backgrounds who are prepared to fight for justice and to protect the interests of our clients.

Once that litigation is the alternative, generally the client is in a difficult situation, and we understand that, so we will be very considerate to agree on creative win-win scenarios for the client and the attorney.

If you invested in land and did not receive the promised title, if you did not receive the deserved severance after many years of hard work, if you suffered damages and the offender has not repaired them, we encourage you to contact our litigation lawyers to defend your rights.

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