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Applying for Residency in Costa Rica

Immigration to Costa Rica has increased in the last decades. It is no secret that Costa Rica is one of the success stories of Latin America, as the oldest and most stable democracy in the subcontinent you can imagine why. Costa Rica offers the political and economic stability of a developed nation with the opportunities that you can only find in a developing country.

Costa Rica is one of the most hospitable countries for expats and if you are contemplating immigrating to Costa Rica to work, retire or study, GLC Abogados® will be your “one-stop Costa Rica Immigration guide”. Having successfully processed hundreds of residency and visa applications in Costa Rica for foreign clients from all around the globe our legal team of Costa Rica immigration experts is passionate about actively collaborating with you.

Costa Rica offers several types of residency regimes that are very straightforward and also some options that can be analyzed by our specialized attorneys in Costa Rica immigration laws.

Retirement in Costa Rica immigration

Please take a look at the main types of Costa Rica residency options available:

Foreigners must prove they have enough money set aside so that they will not depend on public assistance once they become residents of Costa Rica.

     1. Rentista (Rentier) Residency:

Rentista residency is granted to foreigners who receive a monthly income from a foreign source.

Main criteria: immigrants must demonstrate a minimum stable monthly rent of US $2500.00 for a period of at least 2 years.

     2. Pensionado (Retiree) Residency:

Pensionado residency is granted to foreigners who receive a monthly pension from a foreign government or an international organization.

Main criteria: foreigners must receive a minimum lifetime pension of at least US$1000.00.

     3. Investors Residency:

Inversionista residency is granted to foreigners who make an investment in Costa Rica.

Main criteria: expats must invest a minimum amount of US $200,000.00 in a Costa Rican asset.


Common Costa Rica immigration requirements for most residencies:

  • Police Record (criminal background check)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage License if applicable

Note: All foreign person documents should be properly legalized or have the Apostille.

Estimated Duration for most residencies: 4 to 6 months.


If you don’t believe to be eligible under the aforementioned categories, please contact our Immigration Lawyers to study other options, according to Costa Rican Immigration Law, such as:

  • Work Permit or Work Visa
  • Self Employed Visa
  • Visa for Costa Rican Relatives
  • Visa for Company Executive or Manager

GLC Abogados® understands the importance of Costa Rica residency procedures in people’s lives so we excel in providing periodical updates about the residency application status and will guide our clients all the way until they receive their Costa Rica residency cards.

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