Testimonial from Mr. Jeff Quinlan

by | May 28, 2014 | Testimonials

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GLC Abogados was one of 5 Costa Rican law firms that I contacted in 2013 about helping me obtain residency as a Rentista.  I selected them because they had the most reasonable fees and seemed to be the most knowledgeable among the interviewees.  After one year of working with them, Augusto Arce and GLC’s diverse expertise, responsiveness, professionalism, fluent English and extremely reasonable fees have exceeded my expectations in every way.

They got my residency application approved in about one year – a very impressive result compared with other expats I spoke with.  They were extremely responsive to all phone calls and emails, usually responding immediately and never any longer than one business day.  Everything that was in their power to “take off my plate”, they did.

As one of many time-saving, no-hassle examples, one step of the residency process was to go to the police station in downtown San Jose to be fingerprinted.  The line was literally around the block.  But not for me… GLC sent someone over at 4:30am to get the very first spot in line.  My wife, two young children and I showed up just before they opened and stepped into the first spot with the GLC rep and were in and out in 30 minutes.

Just as importantly, they were there when I needed them for unexpected legal issues, the most important of which was the theft and totaling of my car.  For a one-time and surprisingly low up-front fee, they took care of virtually everything, including working with INS (the insurance company) to ensure that my payment was processed as quickly as possible.  My case was extremely unusual for reasons I won’t get into, but they never asked for a single penny more despite spending countless additional hours working on my behalf.

I cannot recommend Augusto and the rest of the GLC team highly enough.

Jeffrey Quinlan

Wilmington, North Carolina, USA