Testimonial of Mr. James Mathews, Mica Cosmetics

by | May 6, 2014 | Testimonials

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I am an American who is new to Costa Rica. I began searching for attorneys in Costa Rica to help me start my business. I did my research. After reading many reviews and finding GLC’s law firm listed on the US Embassy’s website, I gave them a call.

I knew very little of Costa Rica, and I speak little Spanish. I quickly discovered that GLC are not just attorneys, but liaisons to the country of Costa Rica. I ended up using them not only for incorporation, but Costa Rica residency, finding a place to live, buying a car, and getting insurance. Regardless of what you need, they can help you. The prices are very fair and reasonable also.

Augusto Arce, the firm’s managing partner, has the education and the experience. He received one of his master’s degrees in the USA, so he is more than familiar with the states, and the two countries relations and laws. There’s not a question he’ll not know the answer to. The staff of GLC is a delight and every one of them speaks English. If you are an American, looking to do anything in Costa Rica, contact GLC.

James Mathews