Client Testimonial: JF Gonzalez

by | Oct 3, 2022 | GLC Abogados, Testimonials

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For months, I have been looking for a land to buy. After that, I was more than happy to work with GLC Abogados. It’s not an easy task when you are not in person, in Costa Rica. You need help from a professional lawyer who understands your needs and helps you through all the steps.

I, personally, recommend you to trust Diego Elizondo. He was really awesome in every aspect. When I had a doubt about something or just a question about something that I didn’t understand, he was always there, either by email or by phone. And this is for me something really important because when you are far away, you need a good lawyer with whom you can get in touch easily.

So, I wanted to thank Diego and his team GLC Abogados for everything that they did and for all the support that they gave me. I’m a happy Canadian owner who’s starting his dream, to one day build my house close to Tamarindo.