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A) Your Information*

B) Company Information

Company's name. Please provide a proposed name and two alternative names to check for availability.

Please specify the purpose to which the company is going to be created (i.e. real estate development, holding company, online gaming, tourism, etc.)

Registered Address

All local companies must have a physical Costa Rican address. For offshore operations we provide our office address as the registered address and it is included in the initial fees.

C) Management information


**Limited Liability companies require a sole manager which will hold the legal representation and/or proxy of the company. In case you want to provide more than one Manager please refer to the Section titled Manager 2.

Choose status


Choose status

If more than one manager please refer if Managers should act only jointly (the signatures of all Managers will be required for every proceeding) or jointly and separately.

D) Shareholders' Information

The shareholders may be a physical or a juridical/legal entity. Please fill the spaces accordingly.

- - In case you need more space for additional shareholders please make your request to our staff. - -

E) Additional Incorporation Services

Mail Forwarding

This service allows the client to use our office address as mailing address. Once the mail is delivered to our offices we forward the mail to the address provided by our client using regular mail.

This service has a cost of USD 250 which should be paid upon request and it is renewed on a yearly basis.

F) Yearly Renewals

For all of the services listed and described below there is a yearly fee of USD 250. This fee must be paid once the company reaches its first year.

Registered Address

Use of GLC Abogados’ Office as the company’s registered address.

Resident Agent

A resident agent is required in accordance to the article 18 subsection 13 of the Commerce Code if there is no legal representative that is domiciled in Costa Rica. The appointment has to fall upon a local lawyer and its function is strictly related to hearing court and administrative notices.

Legal Book Custody

Along with the company incorporation the legal books of the company are legalized by the Costa Rican Public Registry. These books allow to make changes in the company and transfer shares.

Other Yearly Fees

Government Corporation Tax Payment Diligence

The Corporation tax was established by Law 9024 of December 27th, 2011 and its payment is mandatory to keep the company duly registered. It may vary on a yearly basis due to government policies. We make sure to make the timely payment each year after communicating the exact amount due to our clients prior to the expiration of the payment term. Its payment is due every January 31st, and the currency in it will determine the good standing of your company. The cost of this service is USD 75 plus the Government Corporation Tax.

G) Requested Documentation

IMPORTANT: Please UPLOAD a copy of the passport in a PDF or image format. This is prioritary to process your request

Please UPLOAD a copy of a second ID with photo in a PDF or image format.

In order to be able to make use of this service you MUST acknowledge on the terms and conditions.

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