Testimonial: Otis Armour

by | Nov 8, 2019 | GLC Abogados, Testimonials

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To whom it may concern,

In Costa Rica everything is handled by Lawyers, so you must have a good one. This is especially true if you
are trying to conduct business in Costa Rica from another country, in another language. Luckily I found a
good one with GLC Abogados. They made getting my property purchase and company setup painless.
Communication was great and their service was outstanding. Not only did they handle the company
formation and property purchase they even helped me out of a jam regarding a residency issue. I can’t
say enough good things to accurately reflect how pleased I am. I have found my helping hand in Costa

Most people who travel to Costa Rica, fall in love with it. I was no exception. But no matter how much I
wanted to be there reality was staring me in the face yelling, how are you going to make it happen. I don’t
speak Spanish well. I don’t know Costa Rica Law. I certainly only knew 2 people in Costa Rica. Honestly, I
did not have a clue. It took me 1 1/2 year of research to finally get an actionable plan. I did my homework
and in all of this, there was one constant. No matter what you do you must have a good lawyer. As it turns
out almost every transaction in Costa Rica requires a lawyer. My situation was a little different. Not only
did I want to move to Costa Rica but I also still needed to work. Then that’s when I contacted Diego with
GLC Abogados. We communicated back and forth via email and he always answered my questions in a
timely manner. He was not the first lawyer I contacted, in fact, he was my 4th. After communicating back
and forth via email in English and after I explained what I wanted to do, my decision was made, I would
go with him. That was the best decision I have made in a long time.

I have done international transactions before with mixed results. I was concerned because of the “red
tape” and so-called “Tico Time factor”. After I hired them, Diego made the process painless. Basically they
held my hand the whole way and provided clear and concise instructions and kept me informed through
the entire process. Before I knew it they had my company setup. Now, this is where GLC really shined. The
seller needed to meet in Quepos, GLC lawyers were in San Jose and I was in the US. They arranged to meet
the seller in Quepos on a Saturday to close the deal for me. I never had to make a trip back just to sign the
documents. POOF! I was now the proud owner of a business and land in Costa Rica thanks to Diego
Elizondo and GLC Abogados!