Testimonial from Mr. Joel Uzelac

by | Oct 29, 2014 | Testimonials

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My name is Joel Uzelac, I am 23 years old and live in Costa Mesa California.


I first visited Costa Rica in 2013. Upon my return home I immediately began looking for the perfect property to purchase in hopes to one day live full time at. I was quickly discouraged from the idea after reading several stories of investments that went wrong due to an inadequate search of the title and necessary due diligence.


I have never purchased any domestic properties so the thought of buying in Costa Rica seemed like a long shot. After nearly two years of searching for the perfect property, I came across what I knew was right for me and then faced my greater concern of validating the history of the property and title. I began to search for a lawyer in Costa Rica who would be willing to help guide me along with my lack of experience. Very shortly after my initial request for assistance, I received a reply from Augusto. I began to share with him my plan and he began to explain the process of purchasing property in Costa Rica in further detail. He explained to me the services that they offer and this is exactly what I needed.


Shortly after working with Augusto and the team, I received an extremely detailed due diligence report that put all of my concerns and discouragements of proceeding with this investment to rest. By the end of the due diligence process and knowing I have Augusto as my lawyer, I was so comfortable with moving forward that I booked a quick flight down one week later and met Augusto in person. We then met with the listing agent and owner of the property, signed the deed and finalized this investment. Things could not have gone any smoother and I owe it all to GLC. I am now the proud owner of some of the most beautiful land in the world and have successfully invested in my future!


Thank you all very much!