Testimonial from Mr. Charles Fedonczak

by | Oct 30, 2014 | Testimonials

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Dr. Mr. Arce,

It is with great pleasure that I offer this testimonial to my experience with your firm.

I recently came across your company’s WEB site when looking for a law firm in Costa Rica.  Although the assistance I required was a relatively minor task, the work was of the utmost importance to me, therefore, I did not want to risk dealing with small or unknown legal firm.  I was, however, concerned that the simple nature of the work I was requesting would not be given full attention from a firm in such demand as yours.


I was pleasantly surprised when your firm treated me as if I was your most important client. During the course of the project your firm demonstrated:

  • Excellent project management and international logistics
  • A clear and detailed understanding of the requested work
  • Immediate response to all of my inquiries
  • Work was completed within the promised time-frame
  • Clear and detailed invoicing
  • International payment arrangements that eliminated the need for costly and inconvenient currency conversion on my end.
  • Every member of your staff was fluent in English so that neither of us had to suffer through my Spanish.
Your company made the experience so convenient that it felt like I was dealing with a firm here in Orlando rather than a firm 1300 miles away  –  across an ocean  –  in a foreign country.
And finally, I was impressed with your firm’s ethical standards.  Your firm is in a position to take advantage of foreigners who are in need of help.  They could have over-charged me and I would have had no recourse but to pay since my need was imperative. But instead, I was charged a reasonable and fair price that was well earned by your firm.
I would recommend GLC Abogados to anyone in need of top quality legal counsel in Costa Rica, especially if you are an international client.
Kindest Regards,
Charles Fedonczak
Orlando, FL USA